Sunday School groups meet every Sunday at 9am. Come and visit a group and dive deeper into the Word!

Encouragers - Women - Explore the Bible - Carolyn Lingo, Tch
Deaf Class - Co-Ed - Kim Roberts, Tch
The Way - Co-Ed Senior Adults - Explore the Bible - Dave Roberts, Tch
Praise - Co-Ed Adults - Explore the Bible - Quinton Dodd, Tch
Truth Matters - Co-Ed Adults - Book of Daniel - Neil Noland, Tch
Nifty 50's - Co-Ed Adults - Explore the Bible - David Rice, Tch
Whosoever Will - Co-Ed Adults - The Holy Spirit - Don Hill, Tch
Young Adults - Co-Ed 20's, 30's, 40's - Dax Everts, Scott Epperson, Tch