The Schilt Family, Malawi Africa

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Matthew 28.19

Our Missionaries

February Highlights:
  • Testing, testing, testing... Chris took his written and oral PhD exams this month, and Brody took the ACT for the first time! Both of them studied hard and did very well! Praise the Lord!
  • We continued hosting our weekly front porch Bible studies.
  • We continued with the homeschool year and swimming as the kids prepared for nationals in March!
  • Our family visited Area 3 Baptist Church to encourage this faith family. Our family sang a song during the visitors' welcoming time, and Chris preached a message from the book of Acts.
  • Our family traveled to Lusaka, Zambia for Brody to take the ACT and for a weekend of play and relaxation after a long month of study and test-taking for Chris and Brody!
Upcoming in March:
By God's grace:
  • We will continue hosting our weekly front porch Bible studies.
  • Our family will travel to Blantyre for the Swim National competition where Isaiah and Anastasia will join the rest of the qualifying swimmers from their swim team to participate in the national competition.
  • Chris and Ezekiel will travel to Johannesburg, South Africa for some medical appointments and check-ups for Ezekiel.
  • Chris will travel across Malawi with a national partner, who serves as the Baptist Convention of Malawi's Director of Missions, to visit three of the home missionaries in their places of ministry. Their goal is to come alongside these home missionaries, encourage them in their places of service, and minister with them for a day or two at each location.
Ways you can pray:
  • Please pray for workers! Jesus told His followers to pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers into His harvest. Please pray that God would send more workers to come alongside us and the Malawian Church specifically in Leadership Development and Next Gen Ministry!
  • Please continue to pray for good rains for Malawi. While the rains have begun well, we pray that God will continue to supply healthy amounts of rain in good time to produce a plentiful harvest.
  • Please pray for Chris & Ezekiel as they travel to and from South Africa this month. Please pray for good check-ups at each of the doctors' offices.
  • Please pray for Chris and our national partner's trip around the country to visit some of the home missionaries. Please pray for their travel, mutual encouragement, and the ministry opportunities they'll have in these places.
  • Pray that the Lord would open the hearts of the lost with whom we have been and continue to share the gospel each month.
  • Pray that God would continue to work in the Maletas' hearts and those we're intentionally discipling.
  • Please pray for us all as we balance heavy workloads, homeschool, doctoral studies, life, ministry, and family. May God's strength be perfected in our weakness for His glory and our good!
  • Pray that we would remember our primary objective as Christ followers is to be with Him!

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